Let’s face it, as a parent our greatest fear is not knowing who our children are interacting with. More so for the internet where anyone can be literally “Anyone”, but are we going to restrict the technology which will make communications and learning more effective due to this fear?

Fret not. Singapore based kids-tech company myFirst announced the launch of myFirst Circle, world’s first social community app for children.

“We created myFirst Circle because there is no platform currently that allows children to have authentic social engagements in a safe and controlled environment.”

G-Jay, Founder and CEO, myFirst

The myFirst Circle app is developed with the safety of the child in mind. It creates a safe space where children can easily keep in touch with their friends and family. The app is developed around four circle of contacts, Children connect only to their innermost “circle” of immediate family members. Parents or guardians can permit them to connect to outer circles of besties, friends and acquaintances.

myFirst Circle replaced the “Like” system of mainstream social media apps with the “ShoutOut” feature. Instead of a monotone “Like” which people nowadays feeds on to feel good. ShoutOut is more like a comment but restricted to 16 character text or 8 second voice blurb or an emoji reaction. The aim is to foster an engaging and interactive atmosphere with close friends and families.

myFirst Circle can be downloaded here and is compatible on most android and iOS devices.

myFirst Fone S3.

The newest of myFirst Fone series, myFirst Fone 3 resembles an apple watch with it’s large rectangular face. Powered with a Quad core processor, it will be twice as faster than the predecessor. It also comes with a 2MP wide lens front camera, which will provide a better angle coverage for the child.

The myFirst Fone 3 will be 4G LTE enabled and comes with a physical nano sim slot. Like the predecessor, it will come with GPS for outdoor tracking, WIFI and GSM for indoor positioning.

myFirst Carebuds.

myFirst Carebuds are build with the safety of the child in mind. Children tends to follow their parents in their daily lifestyles and wireless earbuds are the norm for our daily activities. My daughter loves to play with my wireless earbuds, however it is normally too big and children don’t really understand how to control it.

The myFirst Carebuds is a true wireless stereo earbud with an inbuilt safety sensor “AutoCare” which automatically activates transparent mode when movement is detected. This is to allow the child to be aware of his surroundings when in motion. The maximum volume allowable is 85db to ensure sudden loud noise from damaging the child’s eardrums. It comes with an IPX4 rating which is resistant to sweat and rain.

My First Fone S3 retails for SGD 229.00 while the myFirst Carebuds are retailing for SGD 69.90 and can be purchased at major retail outlets like Popular, Challenger, Harvey Norman, Sprint-Cass, Takashimaya, Metro and Synced from 1st February 2023 onwards.

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