Jabra did it again! Releasing a slew of headsets for work and comfort and now with top notch encryption! Introducing the Jabra Engage 55 with DECT wireless with military grade encryption that definitely is the most secured in the market. Let’s delve deeper into it!

What is the Jabra Engage 55 wireless headset?

The Jabra Engage 55 headset is the latest product in the enterprise segment. A wireless headset built for professionals and executives who appreciates comfort and security in their busy daily schedules. Whether you are working from office or home, Jabra Engage 55 guarantees the highest level of security even from the comfort of your home.

The Jabra Engage 55 is available in three variants, MS/UC full stereo, MS/UC Mono and MS/UC Convertible. Price ranging from S$477 for the Jabra Engage 55 Convertible to S$592 for the Jabra Engage 55 MS/UC Stereo with charging stand.


Speaker bandwidth40Hz – 16000Hz (Music mode)
150Hz – 6800Hz (Speak mode)
MicrophoneDual Microphone – ECM Uni Directional and Analog MEMS System
Microphone bandwidth100Hz – 7300Hz
User hearing protectionPeakStop™, Jabra SafeTone™ 2.0, EU noise at work, G616, OSHA
Compatible certificationsAmazon Chime, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom
(With charging stand) (WxHxD)
104mm x 236mm x 172.5mm |
4,09in x 9,29in x 6,79in
Weight (Headset)83g
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion
Talktime up to 13hrs
ConnectivityUSB-A or USB-C
Wireless TechnologyDECT
Wireless rangeup to 150m (line of sight)
Software & AppJabra Direct, Jabra Express

Aesthetic and User Experience.

The first impression of the Jabra Engage 55 is it’s sleekness and lightweight. Simple design with only 1 button on the right ear cusp and another on the retractable mic. Made out of mostly plastic, it comes in a sleek black color with a tint of silver on the headband. I would have preferred a full black headset as the silver makes it look a tad cheap. Jabra’s logo in gunmetal grey can be found on both side of the headband, giving it a subtle elegance to it.

The leather ear cushions are quite fluffy which does not press but sits on your ears. Coupled with a gentle grip from the headband which is just right, the overall package really gives me an enjoyable time using it. Even though it was meant for hardcore enterprise usage, like tele marketeers or constant zoom meetings.

It will do the job for daily usage too like watching YouTube videos and light music, but don’t expect more. Due to the DECT security of the headset, the Jabra Engage 55 does not come with Bluetooth to pair with your phone. Therefore, unlike most headsets which allows multiple pairing where you can switch from computer to phone. You won’t be able to multi task with this.

Setting up was a breeze, the Jabra Engage 55 comes with a link 400 USB DECT adapter that is bigger and flexible allowing better connectivity. The link 400 USB is also fuss free plug and play, which reduces the downtime due to set-up issues. It looks like a casino chip with a flexible arm, therefore it is more durable and easier to find.

The Jabra Engage 55 comes with a dock that is optional and I feel it’s not really required unless for corporate image. Jabra as always provides a compact soft case which I feel very well protects the headset and store the USB Link 400 adapter.


The Jabra Engage 55 boast of an impressive 150m wireless range (line of sight), I tested it at my home office which is a loft on the third level. Walked to my balcony on the second level and to my pantry on the first. Guess what, it’s still working! Of course when I was behind the walls there will be some static, but overall it was still an impressive range.

Ultimately, for a headset we will be looking at the audio and mic performance. We put it through three scenarios, in a office setting, at a coffeeshop and finally in a pub! In terms of the audio clarity, the Jabra Engage 55 is great. The sound you receive are clear and crisp without distortion. Although it doesn’t have ANC or full earcup, while zooming in the external environments I was still able to hear properly due to the wide bandwidth that it provides.

Now the real winner is with the mic’s voice quality, the Jabra Engage 55 boast of a dual microphone system. I was told that there wasn’t much difference in my voice quality, clarity and volume when I was in either of the 3 environments. The coffeeshop would had been the busiest, with the occasional “Kopi”! at the background.

Other key functions are the busy light which will be lit to show that I’m in a call and the hearing safety technology that was built in. SafeTone 2.0 comprises of PeakStop which prevents sudden loud audio spikes and IntelliTone 2.0 which limits overall audio exposure. The advance safety technologies allows users to maintain comfortable audio levels throughout the day. Compatibility with Microsoft Teams, Amazon Chime, Google Meet and Zoom certified also means one touch access.


The Jabra Engage 55 boast of a DECT(Digitally Enhanced Communication Technology) military grade level C security which has a 256-bit encryption algorithm. This is the highest level of security available for a professional enterprise headset. It is also the recommended level of security for financial institutions, banks and brokerage firms.

The Bottom Line.

Marketed for “Power, Range and Security”, Jabra Engage 55 ticked all boxes. I will highly recommend companies that operates in highly sensitive environments to purchase this headset. Even for users in general business environments, if budget allows it is a nice reward for employees. Best of all the battery is replaceable! which meant that instead of changing the whole headset, you just need to replace the battery.


One of the best enterprise workplace headset available.

The Good.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable.
  • Highly secured.
  • Excellent voice quality.
  • Quality audio for work.

The Bad.

  • No USB C port.
  • No Bluetooth for multiple device compatibility.
  • Higher than average price.

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