Zoom, MS Team, Google Meet are the talk of the town during the pandemic, it has become a norm for companies and schools to hold daily meeting/classes via these means. It also means that the importance of webcams are at record high!

Dell having released a 4K UltraSharp WB7022 webcam, now released a more affordable 2k QHD variant. Let’s take a look and see if a lowered spec, lower priced webcam will work for Dell.

What is the Dell Pro Webcam WB5023?

The Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 is a professional 2K QHD webcam with advance image signal processing consisting of digital overlap HDR, Temporal (3D) and spatial(2D) noise reduction and face detection auto exposure technology. The WB5023 retails at SGD248 and can be purchased from Dell’s official website and major local retailers.


Resolution2K QHD/24,30 fps
Full HD/24,30,60 fps
HD/24,30,60 fps
SensorSony STARVIS
Field of View (FOV)65,78 degree
HD Digital Zoomup to 4X
Auto-Light CorrectionAdvance Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR
Video Noise Reduction (3D+2D)
-Temporal Noise Reduction (3DNR)
-Spatial Noise Reduction (2DNR)
Auto White BalanceYes
Facial Detection Auto Exposure
Auto Framing/ZoomingYes
Privacy ShutterYes, Magnetic
CertificationMicrosoft Teams, Zoom
UC PlatformsSkype for Business, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, FaceTime,
Slack, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Google Meet, Lifesize
Noise Reduction MicYes
Dimensions44mm x 92mm | 1.73in x 3.62in
Cable length1.5m
Weight155g | 0.34 lbs
SoftwareDell Peripheral Manager for Windows OS
Dell Display and Peripheral Manager for Mac OS
Warranty3 Years


The Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 looks sleek with a cylindrical shaped in full smooth black shade that reflects light like the dark knight in space. The body of the webcam is made out of plastic but does not have the cheap effect like most webcams. It actually feels luxurious to hold and has a solid weight to it. Weighing 155g and at 44mm x 92mm, the WB5023 isn’t really built to be the smallest webcam in the market.

The camera itself is hidden under a magnetic removable lid, I detest those rubber covers that hang below the lens of webcam. So this is actually aesthetically pleasing to me, however do note that you will have to keep the cover properly. Once you remove the lid, you will notice that the lens is huge. The 2K QHD lens looks like the jet engine on a commercial plane. All in all, the Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 exudes a sleek and luxurious feel and is definitely what I expected to get for the money that I’m paying.

Setting up.

The Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 comes with a 1.5m long USB non detachable cable attached to the base of webcam which is a welcoming sight as I usually place my PC on the floor of my workstation and I have a very big monitor. To use the webcam is simply plug and play which works like a breeze.

The webcam comes with a hidden retractable monitor mount that can be extended 90 degrees and at the end on the mount another adjustable leg for better fit. The mount are all padded, therefore no worries that it will scratch your screen.

Once plugged in you will be prompted to download the Dell Peripheral Manager, you can use the webcam without the Dell Peripheral Manager but i would recommend using it as you will be able to adjust the camera’s color specifications like white balance, brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation. The HDR mode can also be toggled via this app and you will be able to change the resolution from 2k QHD, Full HD and normal HD.


The main issue of the WB5023 is it’s startup time, once turned on it will take roughly 5 to 10 seconds for it to focus, initially I thought that I got a faulty unit but found out that it’s just how it works with all the sensors.

I tried the webcam at a sunny location which have much glare, as shown in the image below. The WB5023 actually did a good job in ensuring the image is as natural as possible. The picture on the right is by my default laptop built-in camera which clearly shows a darker background and I looked more reddish. I had set the WB5023 to QHD 2K and default settings, the white balance adjusts itself automatically and produces an image that is closer to life without overexposing it.

image by Dell WB5023
image by laptop camera

While indoor, I turned off all lightings and closed the curtains to create a low light environment. Both webcams actually are able to produce a nice image without much artificial lightings. I expected the images to be more grainy, but you can see the image taken by the WB5023 is so clear that my freckles can spotted.

image by Dell WB5023

Overall the imaging quality is amazing for a 2K QHD resolution webcam, be sure to utilize the AI auto framing and auto focus for better performance.

The WB5023 also has an in built microphone which was close to non existent, you will be better off using your computer’s mic or get the Jabra Engage 55.

The Bottom Line.

The Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 is a great webcam, for SGD248 it might feel expensive for a QHD 2K webcam. But not only does it do the work but it will make you look good on screen too. I do hope that Dell would throw in a simple carry case for the webcam as it tends to bump into my other gadgets and the magnetic lens would pop off.


Webcam that looks good and makes you look good too!

The Good.

  • Stylish and expensive design
  • Good quality images
  • Easy to use

The Bad.

  • Not the cheapest
  • No carrying case
  • Horrible mic

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