I grew up playing The House of the Dead with my cousin. We used to head over to the arcades at Loyang Point and Century Square pretty much weekly and The House of the Dead (and various Namco and Capcom fighting games) were pretty much our go-to games. It doesn’t take much to see that I’m REALLY looking forward to The House of the Dead Remake.

It might come as a surprise but this was announced back in 2019, alongside The House of the Dead II Remake (which we still haven’t seen). It’s just that it’s been so long with so little word that pretty much everybody’s forgotten about it.

Well…now that there’s a trailer, I’m sure as hell going to keep this squarely in my sights.

Here’s the reveal trailer in all its bloody glory.

It looks pretty damn decent doesn’t it?

I’m pissed as hell its on the crappy Nintendo Switch instead of a real console like the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series though. Then again, the fact that the remake is coming at all is cause enough for celebration. Beggars can’t be choosers after all. It’s not like we have a deluge of old school horror remakes coming after all…

There’s no release date for when it’s coming other than later this year.

the house of the dead remake

I can’t wait to enter the Curien Mansion once again to shoot stuff! I never did finish the original game in the arcades and also never got the chance to play the SEGA Saturn or PC ports!

Hopefully this is just the first out of the many, many lightguns gam SEGA’s resurrecting for the current generation!

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