It’s hard to believe the Playstation 5 is nearly 6 months old! Time flies when you’re gaming, doesn’t it? Sigh…it seemed like it was just yesterday when I was camping out on the Singaporean Sony Store site to try to nab me a PS5. Good times!

Well…hopefully the good times will keep on coming!

With the new PS5 update (which you should get a notification of as soon as you boot up your console), you also get a ton of new features!

The biggest addition?

You can now store PS5 games on your thumbdrives or external HDDs!


You can’t play games off USB storage devices but it’s still better than having zero extra storage right? Plus, transferring games back and forth is much faster than reinstalling (or redownloading) the games from scratch!

Right on! Now if only Sony would unlock the SSD feature so we all can swap to bigger drives. 1TB isn’t enough for the games I have!

Another big feature that just got added is Cross-generation Share Play!

It’s basically the Share Play we all know and love, but enhanced.

If you’re on a Playstation 5, you can now Share Play with somebody on a PS4 or vice versa! All the features of Share Play’s available, so now you can finally let your friend who’s overseas (and without a PS5) try Demon’s Souls!

Also, now you can mute game chat completely! YES! No longer will you need to listen to anybody you don’t want to! Silence reigns once more!

There are other features, but I’ll let the Playstation Blog tell you more about them.

Oh yeah, for those of us who were screwed with deleted games being pinned to the Home screen…there’s good news!

You’ll be glad to know that the update fixes this issue!


Finally my Home screen is clean again.

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