Just a day after I found out about Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s adorably cute (and suicidal) Mini-Puft mini-marshmallow men (boys?), I find out that the inevitable toy version of the critters are coming. I wasn’t sure what to think about it when Ibrahim told me about this (though I was leaning towards awesome), but after seeing them with my own eyes I can safely say I have never seen uglier toys.

Take a look and see for yourself.


Now, I’ll be honest…I love the container they come in. It reminds me of the old school Ectoplazm toys I had as a kid.

But what’s inside these cans are NOT as awesome.

I don’t know what I hate the most about those monstrosities! I can’t just pick ONE reason!

Is it the look? Is it the faces? Is it the color? Why do I keep thinking of the Michellin Man and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man banging to create these…unholy abominations?! Does Gozer have a hand in this?


These Mini-Puft…things will be about 3.81cm tall when they release later this year, and go for US$5.39 each when they’re on sale. They’re randomly packed in the cans so you’re probably going to have to buy a few to get the ones you want (why?!).

That’s it I think.

Yeah…I’m out. I can’t stand to be looking at these things anymore.

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