I love the King of Fighters…back when it was 2D. Maybe it’s just me but these new 3D King of Fighters game just don’t have the same pizazz and character as the 2D ones did! I don’t mean the characters…they’re fine! Terry Bogard, King and Mai Shiranui and co all look good.

I mean the stage designs.

I recently bought King of Fighters XIV just a couple of weeks ago (I know…blasphemy!) and was really turned off by the bland design. The backgrounds in the 3D games have lost all of the energy that was present in the 2D versions.

Very little goes on in them, which makes them feel so lifeless. In comparison, I love Street Fighter V and even Tekken 7’s stages!

But I digress…this post is about everybody’s favourite jiggly ninja. Ok, second favourite.

It’s Mai Shiranui and she’ll be back for King of Fighters XV!

Looks like Mai will packing all of her old school moves, including a few new ones. Seems to me like she’s also taken a few pages out of Ivy and Whip’s BDSM playbooks too! I sure as hell don’t remember Mai Shiranui cackling like a dominatrix in previous games…but maybe that’s just me.

Weirdly…King of Fighters XV still doesn’t have a release date or platform yet. I’d bet anything on a Playstation and PC release (with a possible Xbox edition this time) though.

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