I’ll be honest, I don’t have high hopes for Re:Verse. From what I’ve seen, it looks at a janky attempt at a multiplayer shooter that NOBODY asked for. Even Umbrella Corps (the previous Resident Evil shooter) looks better than Re:Verse. From what I’ve seen of the Re:Verse beta, I’m not about to change my mind.

I mean, take a look at the trailer!

In the Re:Verse beta (and the full game), players take on the role of one of the characters in Resident Evil and then duke it out with other players in a 6-player match. Death isn’t the end, as you’ll actually get to turn into a B.O.W. when you die. Also, the sort of B.O.W. you turn into can be pre-determined depending on how well you actually do while you’re alive…which puts a neat spin on things I suppose.

There’s no much to it. Hell, there’s not even a semblance of plot here. Even Umbrella Corps and Resident Evil Resistance had some! This is just a vanity product Capcom’s making for the 25th Anniversary of the series. It’s Capcom’s money, but I think the money and time could’ve been spent on something better than this!

Thankfully, Re:Verse isn’t a standalone product, it’s slated to accompany Resident Evil Village next month as its multiplayer component, despite having nothing to do with the main game at all.

After the tremendous success of the Resident Evil remakes, many (including me) thought that Resident Evil Code: Veronica would be next to redone. Instead we got Resident Evil Village (uh…yay) and Re:Verse (NAY!).

Hopefully once the new Resident Evil games are out, Capcom can go back to remaking Code: Veronica. Yes yes, I know Resident Evil Village will have the inevitable DLCs, but hopefully those don’t detract from other games!

Hell, I’d pay good money for a VR version of Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles for the PS VR!

So what are you waiting for Capcom? Get on it!

The Resident Evil Re:Verse beta will go live at 4PM (GMT+8) and will run until April 11, 4PM (GMT+8).

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