Despite being a pessimist by nature, I was willing to be optimistic and patient about Marvel’s Avengers. It’s no surprise that the game has utterly failed us all, yet I was ready to let bygones be bygones as long as they fixed the problems and give me Hawkeye!

The only reason I bought the game in the first place was to play Hawkeye, but delays after delays have pushed that dream into the void. Hells, I don’t even have the game on my hard drive anymore because I got tired of looking at it.

To frankly say that I’m frustrated, would be an understatement. Still, I chose to wait for any news about it, and then it finally arrived.

Access Hawkeye next month on March 18…

When the latest War Table Deep Dive got released, I was glad to see Hawkeye official making his way into the game at last. But that delight was immediately short-lived when the released date was set to next month.

Perhaps Square Enix doesn’t seem to understand the state of their game. Here’s a simple breakdown, Marvel’s Avengers has already lost tons of players since it was launched back in September last year. And by that account, it is a dead game to most of us.

In the six months since it’s release, we have got only one new DLC character, Kate Bishop. And as for the next DLC character, Hawkeye, he’ll only be available in March, next month. At this rate, we can completely stop dreaming about seeing Spider-Man arriving by this year.

Thus, I think I can speak for most gamers when I say they are tired of waiting any longer.

And let’s be frank, the next content that’s coming with Hawkeye is just sad. The trailer mentions Kree, but all we see are more robots? Taskmaster returns once again even though Marvel is filled with tons of other villains? And the new boss fight is with Maestro, who basically is a reuse of the Abomination battles?

These aren’t new content; these are just reused assets and reskins. The only new content is Hawkeye with somewhat different fighting styles and skills, which is disappointing.

I do applaud Square Enix for trying their best to make it work, but maybe it’s just too late for such a broken game now. Only time will tell.


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