I’ll be honest…I’ve never reviewed a massage chair before. Still, I can’t really say ‘No’ when OSIM got in touch with us and asked if I was interested. Hell yeah I was!

I’m actually a bit sad that we’re only able to loan the chair for a week (stocks are limited!).

So…with my week long experience fresh in the mind, how does the OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair fare?

Read on and find out!

What is the OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair?

The OSIM uThrone is gaming chair that also doubles as a massage chair, created by the good people at OSIM. Pre-orders for the chair are up right now at major retailers, with it going for an introductory price of SG$899 (usual price is SG$1,599).

The chair has a gross weight of 34KG, which makes it pretty sturdy, It won’t move around unless you put some effort into it, which is great.

Pre-orders for the chair are live right now, with fulfilment expected from late February onwards. If you’re interested in one (you will be after reading this review), you should definitely get to pre-ordering as soon as you can.

The main claim to fame for the OSIM uThrone is its exclusive V-Hand tech that powers the massagers.

As somebody who used to go to JB for massages (dragged by my wife), the V-hand massagers feel remarkably solid, almost like a human hand.

The sensation’s pretty great when it moves around and I honestly found that it did help after a marathon session playing FFXIV or whatever it was that I’m in the process of reviewing.

There’s a nifty little control pad built under the right armrest where you can control a multitude of settings, which I really appreciate.

You can move the massagers apart (for those with broad shoulders) or move them closer together…so it’s pretty much guaranteed it will hit the sweet spot no matter what your body size.

You can also dictate what type of massage is being unleashed; Press – Grip gives you a rubbing style massage, like those usually done with oil or lotion.

The other, Rolling & Tapping, is when you really need to work the kinks out. The sensation’s a lot like somebody punching you in the back. It’s not a violent punch by any means and it’s really enjoyable if you’re really sore.

While you can manually set the massage routine, I just went the lazy route and used one of the three presets.

With them, I can just press one button and get going, without needing to fiddle around with what type of massage I want or where. The presets throw in everything the OSIM uThrone can do, with the massages moving up and down your back and alternating the massage styles.

All you need to do, is sit back and enjoy the massage…which is a given because the chair is really good at giving them.

As a gaming chair, the OSIM uThrone is pretty decent too. It can recline up to 145 degrees, so you can take a nap or get a really deep massage.

The foam cushions (the chair’s and the removable ones) are pretty damn comfy too. They’re all solid enough to sit comfortably for ages, yet soft enough that you enjoy the experience.

Craftsmanship on the chair is superb as well. The stitching is top notch, with great needlework and meticulous attention to detail.

No seams popped, nothing out of place on my loaner. It looks every part the premium product that it is.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to the chair; the power cable is pretty short.

It’s less than 2m in length, which means you’re going to need to be near a power outlet at all times if you want to use the chair’s massage functions.

It’s fine and dandy if you’re playing or working on a desktop, chances are you have spare outlets anyways. However, if you’re in a room with limited outlet options, that short length is a definite drawback.

Plus, with the short cable, I was also constantly thinking to myself not to move around too much, for fear that it’d pull the plug out of the socket, or worse, pull out the cable from the chair! That’s definitely a nightmare if it happens!

Another thing I miss is the lack of a foot rest. Being able to recline would be much more comfortable if my feet were supported instead of just resting awkwardly on the floor.

The Bottom Line.

The OSIM uThrone Gaming Massage Chair nails a lot of the things you’d gaming chair that also doubles as a massage chair. It’s comfy, the massaging is pretty good and it’s serves both its functions well.

But…it’s not perfect.

No matter how hard I tried, the power cable length always reared its head. Why couldn’t it have been longer? Even twice the length it is now would be a godsend.

The chair would also have been better with a foldable foot rest. Nothing too fancy (to keep the price down) but something to rest your feet on while you recline back would’ve been perfect!


Great massage and gaming chair that needs a tweak or two to be really awesome!

The Good.

  • Gives a really good massage.
  • Two distinct massage types.
  • Comfortable to sit in as a normal chair.
  • Premium construction and feel.
  • Superb craftsmanship.

The Bad.

  • Power cable too short.
  • No feet rest.

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