Before Among Us started having you question your loyalties among your friends and family, there was a simpler time when all you did was fall all around maps while hating on the yellow team. That’s right; I’m talking about Fall Guys by Mediatonic!

And it might be the right time to return the game, as they have something special in store for us this Christmas. To the Crown!

Fall Guys Christmas-themed in-game outfit for everyone!

Christmas is right around the corner and to celebrate it, Mediatonic is giving everyone a brand new Santa outfit for your jellybeans! To receive it, all you have to do is log in over the holidays between December 21 and December 25, and you’ll manage to get your hands on it.

While this is a simple gesture for the game itself, Mediatonic is going all out to promote it with an ad that no asked for but can genuinely appreciate.

The ad was posted up on their Twitter page, thanking everyone for the continued support that they received during the year. The ad itself is worth a watch that beautifully captures what Fall Guys is all about, basically falling, and the holiday spirit with family and friends.

Season Three is live!

If you need more of a reason to return to the Fall Side, then you ought to know that Season 3 is up and running. The overall theme this time around focuses on the holiday season with seven brand new maps and five distinct outfits reflecting it.

On top of that, Mediatonic is introducing an all-new ranking system that rewards players for continuously capturing Crowns. With each Crown Rank achieved, players can unlock exclusive rewards to showcase their achievements. As for your previous victories, the developers have assured that it will be brought forward and tallied accordingly.

Now, it’s time to dust up those skills on Fall Guys once again!

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