As a turbulent year draws closer to an end; it’s almost time to celebrate all the games that brought us joy so far. The Games Award 2020 will take place in just two days and will be live-streamed on all social media platforms and more, so be sure to mark your calendars.

And much as I enjoy watching great games receive the recognition that they deserve; I’m also very excited to see what other new games will get unveiled during the presentation!

An actual trailer for the next Dragon Age?

Despite being quite vocal with its plans with the Mass Effect franchise for next year, Bioware has been eerily silent with it’s next Dragon Age project. I initially suspected that they were saving it up for a big reveal at the upcoming Games Awards 2020 and now it has been confirmed!

Geoff Keighley, the host of Games Awards 2020, took to Twitter recently and shared that a Special Look of the next Dragon Age will be airing during the event. 

Now first off, Special Looks can be anything from concept artworks to developers sharing their thoughts, so I’m a bit sceptical that they will reveal an actual trailer for the game. 

Then again, Bioware needs a win and firm confidence right now from fans and gamers alike. Especially after their latest debacle with Mark Darrah, the Executive Producer of the franchise, parting ways from the company.

In the meantime…

While eagerly awaiting whatever that is coming to Games Awards 2020 for Dragon Age, why not take a look at four exclusive short stories from the writers at BioWare?

In celebration of Dragon Age Day, these unique stories take place in the Dragon Age universe, and while I’m no expert on books; I am pretty sure that the information within it will tie into the upcoming game.

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