In the war of consoles between PlayStation and Xbox Series X/S, it’s safe to say that Microsoft outdid itself by making its console capable of handling most of the older generation of games.

And as much as we love seeing new games on new consoles, playing older games with better hardware is always a great option to have, especially when it’s as simple as clicking play.

Now, it seems like the Xbox Series consoles might be able to handle games that are out of its purview.

Xbox Series X/S Developer Mode.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles have something a little extra in them called Developer mode. Fundamentally, in this mode, you’ll be able to develop software for the console; however, you won’t be able to play any retail games.

Thankfully, you can turn on and off Developer mode whenever you want to if you can bear with rebooting the console. Apart from that, there’s also a monthly subscription of USD 19.00 fee attached to it, so it might not be for everyone. You can click here to learn more on how you can activate Developer mode, on your console.

And by using this particular Developer mode, one Youtuber has managed to find a loophole that allows PS2 games to be played on the Xbox Series X/S consoles!

PS2 Games are playable.

In his video, Youtuber Modern Vintage Gamer details out the process of using the Developer mode to boot emulators, specifically RetroArch to play PS2 games like Metal Gear Solid 2, God of War, and more. 

However, he notes that the emulator is still very much a work in progress, and there are a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out. Unfortunately, not all PS2 games are playable on RetroArch either, as there is a memory limit of 2GB.

Now that PS2 games are a real possibility on the Xbox Series X/S consoles, I believe more developers will work endlessly to push the boundaries even further.

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