As much as we rage and hate against the Souls games, we always tend to go back to it for its challenge and gloomy atmosphere. It’s a love/ hate relationship that started with Demon’s Souls for most of us, which has brought us all the way to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director behind these great games, and his team have been hard at work with their next project called Elden Ring since 2017. Unfortunately, as fans, we have not been given anything proper to satiate our hype for the game, and the wait has probably already made some of us crazy.

Thankfully, Phil Spencer has decided to share some first-hand experience with the game, to save us all.

Xbox Chief played Elden Ring!

Get ready to be immensely envious of Phil Spencer, the big boss of Xbox, because he might be the first person to go on record that he has played the upcoming Elden Ring!

According to an interview by GameSpot, Phil Spencer revealed that he had not only seen but also played the game for quite a bit! Without revealing much about the Elden Ring, for obvious reasons, Spencer shared his thoughts on the game by stating that it’s Miyazaki’s most ambitious game yet, compared to everything else that has been developed by him.

Spencer also goes on to describe how impressed he is with the gameplay mechanics that the team is tackling this time. It makes you wonder how different it is going to be; perhaps it may follow the same formula of Sekiro instead of the other Souls games.

Despite still not receiving any concrete information regarding the game, Spencer’s testimony after having played Elden Ring has raised the stakes. Hopefully, we’ll get a short playable demo by the end of the year, so that we can finally judge it for yourself.

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