The initial reveal of Godfall was tremendously rough, and people didn’t like it at all. I didn’t like what I saw either, but it all changed when Gearbox unveiled their combat trailer showcasing the game in all of its glory on the PS5. It was pretty much the equivalent of Gearbox saying that we know how to get you people hooked, and hooked we were.

We have come a long way since then, and with just days away from release, Gearbox is sharing more information about the progression of Godfall.

Godfall seems to have a compelling story.

Earlier today, PlayStation uploaded a new trailer of Godfall in their YouTube channelwhich showed off its incredible gameplay against bosses and a recap into what the storyline entails.

The story centres on the concept of two brothers battling each other: Orin the protagonist and Marcos the Mad King of the realm. After Marcos fails to kill his brother Orin in a very Lion King moment, Orin vows revenge and pledges to end his brother’s rule. Revenge stories have always been my favourite, but I hope they flesh out Marcos as a proper antagonist to make him relatable.

The progression of the game seems to follow the standard formula of battling boss like lieutenants, to eventually make it to the top of the ladder and battle it out with Marcos. After each lieutenant is defeated, players will gain their adversaries’ power, but in what way, it’s not quite sure. If I were to guess, I’d assume it’s specific lieutenant skills, like how Nioh 2 handles hidden skills for different weapons via boss fights.

I honestly can’t wait to try out Godfall when it comes, but as many of you know, it’s not going to be available for the Xbox at launch. Due to a timed exclusivity, the game will be releasing on the PS5 and PC, before making it’s way to the Xbox consoles on May 12, 2021. 

Godfall is releasing on November 12 and currently is available for pre-order. For more information regarding the game, you can check out PlayStation Blog by clicking here.

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