Things are not looking great for Halo Infinite at all. If you have been paying attention to the whole Halo drama, then you know that the game got abruptly delayed to 2021 due to the Covid situation or at least that’s how the story goes. 

Before the delay got announced, gamers and fans alike got a chance to see the gameplay reveal of Halo Infinite. The reveal was supposed to be exciting and welcoming but turned out to be boring and dull in an instant. The backlash that ensued from this was hard and rapid, with people ridiculing the game with memes and comments.

It doesn’t take a detective to connect the dots to see the big picture, but it seems that the delay wasn’t the only thing that had happened.

Chris Lee is out of the Halo Infinite.

According to an article by Bloomberg, Chris Lee, who has been at 343 Industries since 2008 is no longer apart of the company nor the Halo Infinite project. Lee has made it clear in his comment that he has steeped away and is looking at future opportunities and firmly assures that the team is capable and will deliver a great game.

Microsoft further confirmed the departure in an emailed statement and also reassured that Chris Lee is still very much an employee of the tech giant.

This sudden change honestly does not look good on a game that’s still being developed, especially since this the second director to leave in two years. The first one being creative director Tim Longo who left in August 2019 due to a leadership shakeup.

Halo Infinite initially was designated to be a launch title for the Xbox Series S and Series X; however, the release window has been pushed back into 2021. Till now, a new release date not been confirmed by the studio yet, and hopefully, it’s not going to be too far off.

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