With the pandemic still looming over our heads, travel plans are becoming a distant memory while tourism is affected immensely all over the world. With flights getting cancelled without further notice and countries locking themselves up, we are finding ourselves spending more at home with too much time. So if you have to get out, then why not do it from the comfort of your home and explore Catalonia, the north-eastern part of Spain, with Legends of Catalonia?

Catalonia through virtual reality.

Spearheaded and created by the Catalonia Tourism Board, Legends of Catalonia is essentially a virtual reality tourism game that’s available on various platforms such as PC, PS4 and mobile devices. The game allows you to explore the land of Barcelona to learn more about its people, history and landmarks by virtually travelling to its location. 

With six different detailed virtual environments to explore, while trying to complete a quest chain along the way, there’s something for everyone to enjoy from it. You’ll also come across some famous people along the way who will assist you on your journey, such as the FC Barcelona and its former star player, Carles Puyol. The mountaineer Edurne Pasaban and siblings trio who are Michelin-starred chefs, the Roca Brothers as well.

Legends of Catalonia has also recently attained two awards for its production. The Japanese Association of Tourist Agents (JATA) offered the two of the 6th edition of Japan Tourism Awards, ‘Excellent Partner Award’ and the ‘Digital Utilization Special Award’, to the game for its innovative approach and initiative to promote and expand tourism.

Legends of Catalonia is a free-to-play game that’s available for anyone to try it out, although you’ll still need to possess a virtual headset. For more information on the game and Catalonia itself, please click here to visit its official site.

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