With next-generation consoles pre-orders coming to a close, many of us have probably burnt most of our savings on it. And now it’s time to save up for the new games that are arriving and accessories that are compatible with the new consoles. It’s a never-ending cycle of money flying out of the wallet, but hey it’s an investment right? Well, at least that’s how I convince myself daily at night to fall asleep…that is until I saw the pricing of Seagate Storage Expansion Card for the Xbox Series consoles.

Seagate proprietary storage solution.

Earlier today it was confirmed by Microsoft that its officially licensed 1TB Storage Expansion Card for both Xbox Series X and S, by Seagate, will cost US$219.99 (roughly SG$300 bucks) and is currently available for pre-order.

The expansion card will be the only storage device that’s capable of replicating the Xbox Velocity Architecture in the same as the internal hard drive does.

We had expected the cost of the expansion card to be higher, due to speculations from past months but we didn’t expect it to be this high. As an estimation in Singapore, if you were to buy an Xbox Series X and add on the expansion card, the total price goes up to 1k at least!

Sure, you still have the option not to buy the Seagate expansion card, but I believe it will become necessary at some point because of the overall massive file size of next-gen games.

And more importantly, you won’t be able to use your standard external hard drives to support next-gen games’ increased loading speeds on it, but it will still be able to run older Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

Ultimately the Seagate Storage Expansion Card does cost a lot. But it also offers up a device with significant capabilities that are required to handle next-generation of Xbox consoles. Maybe investing in it at a later day would be the smartest thing to do right now.

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