Get ready for your Xbox Series X and S consoles!

Earlier last week, the PlayStation pre-orders went up and if you’ve been keeping tabs on the situations then you know it’s a warzone of sites crashing and people going crazy. Now to add upon the chaos, Mircosoft will also be opening up its pre-orders!

Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles will officially launch globally on November 10, and according to Xbox Wire, pre-orders will start from tomorrow September 22. It’s time to renew the battle of pre-orders and pray that the websites do not come crashing down.

Console pricing.

The Xbox Series console will be available in two versions.

The Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s latest and most powerful console, will be sold at S$699 RRP. While Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s smallest and affordable console, will be sold at S$459 RRP.

Both consoles will allow gamers to relish next-generation gaming experiences, but each console has its difference. 

For example, the Xbox Series X console offers everything but with a hefty price tag. Whereas the Xbox Series S, despite being cheaper has some limitations such as being digital-only and an output resolution of 1440p. 

So it boils down to you and your preference for the kind of experience you want when it comes to gaming on a console.

Xbox Series X and S, pre-order details.

As I mentioned above, pre-orders for both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will be going up tomorrow.

And if you intend to get your hands on the console on launch day itself, then I wish you good luck. The pre-orders will be going up live as early as 6 am, so remember to set those alarms if you don’t want to miss out.

You can make your pre-order at the following retailers in Singapore:

Tomorrow is going to be a very bustling morning, and I expect people are going to be late for work. All the best with your pre-orders!

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