WandaVision is the first series from Marvel Studios.

With the pandemic running amok, most of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home with streaming services to maintain sanity. Disney +, one of the streaming services, may not be as famous as Netflix yet, but it does have a fair share of good content. Like the popular series, The Mandalorian, which released a trailer for its second season last week without any heads-up.

Earlier today, another surprise awaited as we received our first trailer from the upcoming WandaVision tv series that will be streaming on Disney+ exclusively. And it looks pretty absurd and yet intriguing.

WandaVision isn’t as happy as it looks on the surface.

In the first trailer of WandaVision, we get a glimpse at Wanda and Vision living as a happy couple while trying to fit in and make things perfect. Soon after, they begin to question the idea of how they got there in the first place, especially Vision who finds out that he’s supposedly dead. It gives you a sense that even the characters themselves aren’t sure of what’s real anymore.

Over the years, Marvel Studios have been gradually expanding the movies to make heroes relatable by showing us that they too face real emotional problems. In Avengers: Endgame, we got to see some these problems first hand; we saw Thor suffering from depression, Hawkeye suffering from anger, the Captain suffering from denial and Widow suffering from bargaining.

And in WandaVision, it seems to follow the same formula of showing us what happens to an all-powerful hero who is stricken with grief over the loss of a loved one. In this case, however, it just doesn’t affect specific individuals alone like the movies but the world as a whole, due to the extent of Wanda’s powers.

And I for one, am extremely interested to see where the show will take us since it’s giving me the vibe of the Mr Robot tv show that dealt with similar issues. As of now, there has been no official release date for the show; however, we could expect it to air before the end of 2020.

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