Sam Fisher has managed to infiltrate successfully into Rainbow Six Siege.

Last month, Ubisoft revealed that Sam Fisher, the protagonist stealth expert of the Splinter Cells series, will be making his way to Rainbow Six Siege. As part of the new update Operation Shadow Legacy, players will get to play him as a new operator under the code name of Zero. As for the release date of this new update, no one seemed to have received any information regarding it.

Rainbow Six Siege – Operator Zero

Ubisoft seemed to have intentionally kept everyone in the dark about the release date on purpose. Just before this month’s Ubisoft Forward official stream began, gamers noticed that the update Operation Shadow Legacy for Rainbow Six Siege was already available. The update had arrived unannounced and almost stealthily like it’s new operator, which is extremely cool.

However, I don’t think that was the actual plan at all. 

During the stream, Ubisoft revealed an animated short film unveiling some insight into the new operator. Zero’s job is supposedly to prepare and whip the Rainbow team into shape with his extensive military background. 

Yet knowing the character, this seems somewhat simple for someone such as Zero. Hopefully, this is only the beginning as Ubisoft builds up to something larger for him down the road. I believe the latest update was to release after the stream, but someone had screwed up and published it earlier. So good luck to whoever that was and thank you for letting us play beforehand.

Hopefully, someday Ubisoft will finally bring Sam Fisher back into his own game. But for now, at least we get to enjoy him as an operator in Rainbow Six Siege for the time being.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the new update, click here to view the patch notes from the team.

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