It’s time for more Sonic the Hedgehog games!

When we talk about SEGA, there are always two characters that stand out from among the rest: Mario and Sonic. I was never a tremendous fan of Mario and his jumping off the platforms games; I somehow never really found it appealing.

However, Sonic was another story. Maybe it was the fact that he was fast as a superhero that got me hooked on it and made me loved those games. Those were the days but overtime the charm of those games have dwindled as new games entered the market with fresh and exciting ways to play.

Next year marks the 30th Anniversary of our beloved Blue Blur. And man that makes me feel old. The games are one of the longest-running series, and it’s only appropriate that we celebrate his 30th with yet another one of his titles.

Last year at SXSW Gaming 2019, the head of the Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, announced that the next game in the mainline of the Sonic series had officially started. Since then, there had been no further news or information regarding its release date or progress. Until now.

Sonic is coming with something big!

The news about SEGA’s 30th-anniversary plans comes from an advertisement print in a European licensing magazine. Most of the details in the ad commemorate the achievements made by Sega concerning Sonic, but the last point was the one that caught out attention.

It briefly mentions what to expect for the 30th Anniversary such as significant announcements, digital content, events and new games! Games as in plural, which means that we can probably expect some remakes or newer games designed for the next-generation consoles.

It would be interesting to see how far they’ll improve and change up the game to be relevant in the current age whilst utilizing the new engines of next-gen. Sonic is coming with something big! Here’s to hoping that it’ll be great!

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