Immersion is a fundamental component of gaming. It allows players to feel more connected as they are playing, and it helps to build up the excitement. If you’re a gamer like me, then you’ll be thrilled to hear about the new InfinityGlove from NUS. It promises to provide a higher level of immersion during gaming.

The Brains of the Operation.

The InfinityGlove was developed by a team of NUS researchers led by Professor Lim Chwee Teck (left). With him are two members of the research team, Dr Yeo Joo Chuan (centre) and Dr Yu Longteng (right).

Credit: National University of Singapore

Earlier today, we were invited to attend a virtual press conference for the reveal of something unique. Led by Professor Lim Chwee Teck, a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have produced a smart glove called the InfinityGlove.

The glove is supposedly capable of performing like any other game controller. Essentially, it will allow gamers to play, through the use of gestures, to execute in-game commands like aiming and shooting.

Professor Lim Chwee Teck explained that the 2002 Minority Report movie inspired him to create gloves capable of virtual control. I think we all can agree that at some point, we imagined how cool it would be as well.

The Features of the InfinityGlove.

The InfinityGlove is embedded with thread-line microsensors to produce accurate three-dimensional positions of a moving hand, allowing users to mimic a variety of in-game controls using simple gestures.

Credit: National University of Singapore

We are all familiar with the hassle of dealing with sensor-based controllers that are just never as satisfying as imagined. Take, for example, the Nintendo Wii which requires constant gesture movements and a motion sensor to operate. Yet the size and density of the device is often quite offputting and leads to discomfort.

Thankfully, the InfinityGlove was designed with this in mind to overcome such annoyances. To reduce the need for bulky wiring and sensors, the team will use their very own patented microfibre sensors.

These sensors are highly sensitive and thin as a single strand of hair. Thus, it allows the team to weave the sensors into any fabric materials, without compromising the level of comfortability.

The science behind these microfibre sensors are quite intriguing; here’s a video presentation from the people who made it possible.

Due to this, the device manages to be flexible, thin and most importantly, light. And when I say light, I mean it’s significantly light weighing at just 40 grams only!

The InfinityGlove contains five microfibre senors, woven onto each finger. The team then configures the sensors to perform specific functions, as the players use gestures to operate it. The user will be able to connect toconsoles

For example, moving your hand around will allow you to control the aim function of your game. Whereas, panning your index finger will allow you to perform actions like firing. It’s an interesting way to play games, especially, if you’re using for First Person Shooters.

You’ll be able to connect the device to your consoles and PC through its Bluetooth capabilities. The connectivity range will be up 5 to 10 meters in general, but I doubt anyone would want to play your games from that far.
As for battery life, the device can last up to 8 hours and can be charged like any controller device with a USB wire.

The Future.

I’ll admit, I am very excited to see where this goes but a little sceptical. The gestures are an interesting way to play but over a long period of time, it might get exhausting. Also, as any gamer knows, we move a lot while we game. This could greatly impact gameplay especially when it’s heavily reliant on gestures.

As of now, the team are hoping to mass-produce and release their product by the next 12 months. They also have some big plans for the future of their product. They intend to expand their reach further into virtual reality, complex games and robotics control!

I think Virtual Reality is the platform that would work ideally for their product, and I’m quite excited to see it in action.

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