As a HUGE horror buff, I’m always on the lookout for awesome horror, especially on streaming services. Since I can’t access Shudder (BOOOOOOO!), Netflix and Tubi have been my go to sites whenever I need my horror fix. That’s why when I saw that Goedam was coming to the streaming service my interest was piqued right off the bat.

Unlike Howling Village (which is a movie), Goedam (which is now out), is a Korean horror anthology with 8 episodes. It’s filled with bite-sized chunks of scary urban legends (each about 5 – 8 mins, with the last episode being 15 mins).

Yeah the episodes are short (that’s why I said bite-sized!) but don’t let the runtime put you off from watching it!

I was initially sad too seeing how short each episode of Goedam was. I’d expected that they would at least be an hour long. As I watched the entries though, I realized the short length was actually a plus; there was no bloat and you got right to the horror parts pretty much right off the bat. For those who want quick gratification, this is pretty much what you’re looking for.


There’s a ton of horror goodies to be found in Goedam…The episodes are chilling right off the bat. I’ve only watched the first few but so far, every single one of them has been a hit.

My current favourite is the first episode, Crack. It brings back memories of all the stories I’ve heard about haunted toilets in schools and camps!

You’ll definitely find one that you’ll like in Goedam so I really suggest you make time tonight (or right now if you’re afraid of the dark), to watch the series.

I sure as hell hope Netflix is making Season 2 because I can’t wait for more of the series!

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