To all members of The Yellow Team of Fall Guys, you know who you are, our countdown has begun. It is indeed a sad day for us, brothers and sisters.

Fall Guys, the game that has attracted so many players around the world, has become something incredible overnight. And if you’re one of the few who have not tried out the game, then I suggest you do it! You may want to check out our review of the game, before diving in!

Earlier, we covered how the developers of the game are using their fame to spread a positive message for charityHowever, now we must discuss the cruel treatment of the Yellow Team in Fall Guys.

The Yellow Team, the real heroes of Fall Guys.

When you’re playing Fall Guys, it’s difficult not to get stressed out when you’re in a team-based match. You’ll have to depend on the abilities of others and yourself, to propel your team to the next round. Now imagine how much more difficult that becomes when you’re the most hated team in Fall Guys.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality of The Yellow Team in Fall Guys. It seems during team-based matches, every team is out to get yellow, instantly. So if you want to have a chance to win, you’d better pray you’re in the Red or Blue teams. It is unclear how this came to be, but everyone is starting to notice the pattern, and it’s becoming a trend.

Even the developers are making fun of it, which is pretty hilarious. However, we need to see this from a different perspective! Fall Guys’ Yellow Team are the real heroes of this story.

When the game released, players started disliking team-based matches due to the lack of teamwork. That changed when everyone started to come together to achieve a single goal: wipe out the Yellow Team. Yet, these guys never gave up! They accepted their roles to be taken out and in turn provided the rest of us, a fun match!

Is this the End?

It seems the time of Fall Guys’ Yellow Team might come to an end soon.

In their official twitter page, the developers showed the world how surprisingly simple it was to the team for good. They then went on to make a deal with everyone if the post received a million retweets, the team will surely cease to exist!

I agree, this is very horrifying for Fall Guys’ Yellow Team, but even I must admit that this is some brilliant and amusing marketing plot on their part.

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