I’m a huge fan of Remedy’s Control.

It’s a great action game that really makes you feel badass with the powers you get to unleash. On top of that, it’s a damn beautiful game, with intense particle effects and a killer storyline that ties in every single one of Remedy’s games (Alan Wake and Quantum Break) into a single cohesive universe.

It’s pretty much what the Avengers did to the MCU.

What I am not a fan of is the news that Control’s next gen upgrade will not be made available for free to current owners of the game.

That is a damn slap to the face and an insult to the early adopters who believed in the game enough to buy it to show support for a brand new I.P. It’s even more of an insult to gamers who shelled out extra to buy the game’s Season Pass and still get shafted.

There’s zero reason why this is even an issue.

Tons of games this year will be offering free cross generation upgrades. If a massively anticipated game like Cyberpunk 2077 can do it, why the hell is a years old game not able to?

As a final F-U to all early adopters, those who buy the new Ultimate Edition of the game (basically the main game with the Season Pass), get the upgraded version of the game for the next generation consoles when it’s available.


Why the hell are those coming late to the party being rewarded while early adopters get the shaft? Something tells me this is the work of publisher 505 Games, which has pulled a ton of similarly crappy moves in the past.

As a fan of Control (and one who’s looking forward to the upcoming AWE expansion with Alan Wake), this is a massively dick move on the part of whoever decided this.

I seriously hope the backlash makes the people in charge reconsider.

At the very least there should be a massively discounted option (perhaps US$10) for current owners to upgrade to the next generation version without needing to shell out the price of the Ultimate Edition.

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