Can’t wait for Cyberpunk? How about some new content from the Developers themselves while you wait. CDProjekt Red just released another “Dev Diary” episode that goes into detail several gameplay and story elements that’ll undoubtedly make fans crave for more.

You can take a gander at it below:

Origin Stories

Similar to games like Dragon Age: Origins, there’s a bit more to choosing your character and background than just selecting an option in the menu. Here, your origin will determine how you’ll be assimilated to the main plot of the game.

From the trailer, we can see that the 3 main origins as a Nomad, Street kid or Corpo, each with their own unique dialogue and interactions taking place in the beginning of the game. Expect differences in the first couple of hours of gameplay to be drastically different in terms of the story before these branching paths merge with the main plot.

“you’ll have your lifepath opportunities throughout the game, till the game is over”

Philipp weber, Quest Design Coordinator

Like all proper RPGs, these choices will affect dialogue options that’ll only be available for characters with different backstories. In terms of gameplay, the presenter seems to imply that these options can be rather major ones in terms of how you would complete certain quests and objectives; not just ‘fluff’ dialogue to get to know more of the lore and setting.

Weapon types and customization

The episode also gave us some more insight onto the combat elements in the game, particularly in gunplay. Guns will be separated into 3 categories: Power, Tech and Smart weapons each with their own unique set of gameplay.

These weapons will then be categorised by rarity from common to legendary, with legendary weapons offering even more gameplay changes should the players manage to get a hold of those.

The presenter also went through briefly about the type of customization you’ll be able to do on your gun. Weapon mods, at least for guns, will be segregated into attachments and chips, which beyond a boost in stats, will also offer gameplay changes such as enabling different types of ammunition to be used on a certain gun.

An interesting snippet also came up towards the end of the presentation:

“There’s so many weapons that it’s hard to choose just one. But I can mention some weapon manufacturers that I absolutely adore. “

Pawel Kapala, Senior Gameplay Designer

Perhaps a hint of something to come? That sounds Borderlands-y to me. I hope that that means these manufacturers will play some part in the story in terms of offering unique or illegal weapons to the player as a side quest. Perhaps they can make their own copies of a rival company’s tech (if you help them steal it, of course) with their own spin on things, that’ll be cool to see!

Barring any further delays, the game is set for 18th November this year and I myself can’t wait to see what CDProjekt has to offer on the table.

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