By that, I mean that someone, probably the PR guys at Konami decided that it’s about time one of their mainline franchises gets its own platform for announcements like it deserves.

Because as we all know, a real twitter of Silent Hill would look like an ever-enveloping compass of fog, followed by a string of occultist drawings and the picture of Pyramid Head posted at exactly the stroke of midnight, every year, on August 23rd.

The boring bits

NeoGAF member D’Ghost has spotted something interesting this week on the Twitter-verse, Silent Hill now has an official account.

Credit: D’Ghost

Like all responsible posters, he quickly turned to the official Konami Twitter account for confirmation on its authenticity and he found it; a quick tweet about using the same @SilentHill handle promoting another game, Dead by Daylight, can be seen on Konami’s feed.

The interesting bits

Now for PR, as the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. Looking back, it has been 6 damn years since we’ve got a taste of a deal that fell through. Silent Hill, disguised as a game named P.T (or playable teaser in short) had us turning our heads during E3 2014 at how they presented the next sequel to the venerable franchise.

A new FPS perspective coupled with outstanding visuals was a real standout for what’s to come for the PS4.

As the story goes, the game fell through due to the spat between Konami and Hideo Kojima and the demo was subsequently removed from the PlayStation Store.

Thankfully, you can still see the gameplay here (shown below) on the internet and it’s unlikely that these videos will be removed. Better yet, play the fan-made Unreal Engine 4 recreation of the game which got released last year.

In hindsight, we did get both Resident Evil 7 in a similar vein and Amazon delivery simulator Death Stranding for bizarre stories in return in the later console cycle.

As interesting as those games may be, it wasn’t Silent Hill.

Now the million-dollar question: are we going to see a new Silent Hill game? Absolutely. It’s been almost a decade since the last one (even more if you count from Team Silent’s games) and even rumors or announcements of megaton franchises for the new console generation is sure to get systems selling just like FF7R.

How long till we get to see something concrete? Who knows. Judging by rumors on the internet with the franchise once again going back to Japanese developers with Kojima still at the helm, they’ll likely have something to show come next year’s E3 if they are already in pre-production now.

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