It seems like we’re on a roll here as Dell keeps on pushing out announcements without fail these 3 months despite the current ongoing pandemic. What does Dell have in store for us this time? Let’s get to it.

XPS Desktop line

First up, we have the new XPS desktop line, providing high-end systems for media and content creation in a chassis that is fit for the XPS moniker; simplistic but with enough horsepower under the hood.

“Powered by the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core™ (up to i9K) processors and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER™ graphics, it’s equipped with high-end performance features to fuel hardware intensive tasks, creative workflows, gaming and virtual reality.  “

Dell Press Release

As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything that much different from either the already-announced G series or the old Alienware line-ups in terms of hardware under the hood – except that these will presumably come preloaded with RTX studio drivers instead of the typical game-ready ones.

S-series Monitors

Looking for decent monitors that you can buy without breaking the bank for next gen consoles? Look no further as Dell has released 3 new monitors for their S series line up that covers just about anything mid-range that you’ll need.

The S3221QS is a 4k 32” curved monitor while the S2721QS is the non-curved brethren sitting at a smaller form factor. Last but not least is the S2721DS coming in at the QHD range.

 These monitors will provide your typically good sRGB coverage as well as the ability for you to use VRR technology such as freesync. Oh, and they come with integrated speakers too – a handy value in a pinch if you need to use it as a TV or console display.

The thing that caught my eye is definitely the S2721QS with the attractive pricing that can rival the value of LG’s own UL line of 4k monitors. Perhaps we’ll be able to review it in due time!

XPS 15 Frost Edition

Last but not least, there’ll be a new color of XPS that you’ll be able to choose from in the near future. A pretty, off-white “Frost” color that you might remember from the XPS 13 line will make its way to the XPS 15 as well.

This color variant seem to come soon, with “this summer” as the only rough date on when it’ll be available. Perhaps it’ll be a couple of months near to the end of the year before this will be available locally.

Pricing and availability

That’s not all, Dell has also announced the local pricing and availability details of these products.

These prices, especially the monitors, are pretty competitively priced against their pricing in USD which is good news for us consumers.

ProductAvailabilityPrice (SGD)
XPS DesktopAvailable now$1499
Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Available now$1999
XPS 15 Laptop 11 August  $3199
Dell 32 Curved 4K Monitor (S3221QS)20 August $599
Dell 27 4K Monitor (S2721QS)20 August$479
Dell 27 QHD Monitor (S2721DS)20 August$379

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