If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy VII (or the recent Remake), you’re definitely going to want to pounce on this deal to get your hands on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Limited Edition OST.

Amazon’s taking pre-orders for the Final Fantasy VII Remake (Special Edit Version) Limited Edition. This is the very same version of the OST that’s sold out pretty much everywhere else. From the official Square Enix store, to retailers like Playasia…there’s pretty much no place you can buy the OST now.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Limited Edition OST

Well…that’s not technically true. The normal version of the soundtrack is still easily obtainable, but this, the Limited Edition is the one that’s sold out all over.

Unlike the normal version which comes in a whopping 7 CDs, the Limited Edition ups the count with an extra, exclusive disc! The full list for the OST can be found here, so click that link if you’re interested to find out on what you’re getting with the massive compilation.

Sure, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Limited Edition OST on Amazon is a bit higher than normal (its MSRP is US$77.77) but considering that it’s not obscenely overpriced (as some of the scalpers are selling), it’s a pretty decent deal.

It’s even more so if you’re a collector, considering it’ll be pretty hard to find in a couple of years. Plus, Square Enix OSTs tend to rise in value over time…just take a look at the Xenogears OST.

The OST is slated for release later this week (June 5 to be exact!) so you’re going to want to act fast if you’re interested in getting it. I’m honestly quite surprised that Amazon’s preorders haven’t all been taken up yet considering the popularity of the game and how collectors all seem to nab stuff like this up!

While you’re waiting, you can always reread our review of the game!

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