So, how has the Circuit Breaker been for everyone? Thank God that it’s slowly being phased out from next week onwards, yeah?

It’s been a drag for me personally, so this review comes at a pleasant time!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was released a little over two months ago on 14th February in Singapore. But we finally managed to get our hands on one for this review (yay!)…review copies for the phone were hard to come by sadly.

But that’s all in the past now! The kind folks at Samsung finally managed to send one our way!

What is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

The Galaxy Z Flip comes on the heels of the Galaxy Fold that was created in 2019. As always, Samsung has always heard the feedback from its users and improved on their design.

Here’s how it looks like out of the box:

Galaxy Z Flip

From the front, it looks quite normal; just like how Samsung phones from the Galaxy series would look. But then you turn to the back…

Galaxy Z Flip

You can clearly see where the fold would be. There’s two colours to choose from; mirror black and mirror purple. You can clearly see why it starts “mirror” since it’s superrrrr reflective.

Initially, I had assumed that the Galaxy Z Flip would feel fragile and the act of folding the phone would result in me immediately disliking it. However, that proved otherwise. It folded fine due to the Hideaway Hinge and Dual CAM Mechanism, making it a smooth affair. The mechanism even makes it possible to stop the fold halfway.

The price, without contract is S$1, 998. However, it is possible to buy in installments at S$55.50/month for 36 months.

Alternatively, you could also get the Galaxy Z Flip at all Telco stores, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman, Gain City and even KrisShop.

What about the specs, you ask?

There are two sets of specifications that everyone should take note of for the Galaxy Z Flip. These specifications are based on when the phone is folded and unfolded.

Dimensions Folded: 73.6 x 86.4 x 17.33 mm (hinge) – 15.4mm (sagging)

Dimensions Unfolded: 73.6 x 86.4 x 7.2mm – 6.9mm (screen)

Weight: 183g

Main Display: 2636 x 112 (not accounting for the rounded corners and camera hole)

Cover Display: 300 x 112

CPU: Octa Core


Storage: 256GB

Front Camera: 10MP Selfie Camera: F2.4

Rear Dual Camera: 12MP Ultra Wide Camera: F2.2 / 12MP Wide-Angle Camera: Super Speed Dual Pixel AF, OIS, F1.8

Battery: 3, 300mAh dual battery

Of course the specs themselves are not unusual. The part where it’s different is that for the Galaxy Z Flip, it comes with the Galaxy Z Premier Service. What exactly is the Premier Service you ask? Here it is:

The Premier Service itself comes with 24-hour Concierge service, a 1-year Screen Replacement and Repair and Door-to-Door Delivery. However, do note that the Screen Replacement is only for a one-time replacement or repair to the internal, foldable screen of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Then, there is the Care Instructions that comes with the phone. The sleeve that covers the phone initially has the instructions printed on it. When you switch the Galaxy Z Flip on the first time, you will also be greeted with it.

The Care Instruction when switched on

For those who are seriously considering getting this phone, I would direct your attention the Care Instruction on the protective sleeve of the phone. Specifically, the last part of the instructions.

The Care Instructions on the sleeve

If you are unable to see it, here is the bottom part zoomed in.

For those who have metal device implanted, please consult your doctor first. I don’t know about you guys, but the fact there is a need to consult your doctor before using a phone seems abit of a hassle. Even though I’ve never undergone surgery nor do I have any medical device in me lol.

The Performance

The Galaxy Z Flip claims are mostly about how it is “Fashion Meets Technology” and there is no doubt about it, it certainly does not look nor feel like your average smartphone.

Galaxy Z Flip is also all about how the user would be able to reimagine selfie-taking and video chatting, hands-free with Galaxy Z Flip’s innovative freestop folding. But, before I continue, let’s go on to the tests ran on the device.

The work performance results is higher when compared to three different phones; one on Samsung’s last year’s release and two of different companies.

This certainly tips it in favour as I was highly impressed with one of the phones that I reviewed (so much so, that I was considering changing to that!).

Zooming in on its Photo Editing Score, I was able to see that Galaxy Z Flip certainly blows its competitors out of the water. As a phone that is marketed to impress its users with the camera functions, it certainly is apt the the highest score is the photo score.

Now comes the 3DMark results. How did it score? Look at the image below.

So what does this mean? The score for the Galaxy Z Flip is quite average to be perfectly honest. When compared to one of last year’s release, it is certainly higher and that is to be expected from Samsung.

Bias aside, the one thing that I have always noticed from Samsung is that the company is continually improving and taking in the feedback that is given by their users. They do not disregard what is being said and neither do they dismiss it. One of the reasons why I have continually went back to their phones each contract renewal.

Next up; battery life test. This time I kept a close eye on the phone as it ran and managed to screenshot the result!

The battery life is pretty average considering tbe fact that the battery is after all, the usual size. It’s not surprising, certainly nothing to brag about.

Camera Performance!

Now, let’s get to the meat of this device. The camera functions! For someone who loves, loves, loves taking photos of the reservoir outside my window, having a phone with good camera is always a plus. What better way to get gorgeous scenery pictures when you’re an amateur?

The first function I tried was the Single Take. How does this Single Take works? Well, it’s seriously idiot-proof. Launch the camera, slide to the left of the choice for Single Take. Then you follow the on screen suggestions to capture up to 14 different kinds of photos and videos. The minimum result is 2 videos and the maximum is 10 photos and 4 videos.

For my result, I managed to get 3 videos and 3 different photos. Take a look below:

The first photo seems to be the regular photo with no additional filters or wide-angle. Second photo has a filter applied to it, dulling the colors and making it look overcast. The last is my favourite; the panorama shot of the reservoir. Genuinely love the fact that I didn’t have to move the phone at all to get that shot!

A brief 8-second video from the Single Take function
2-second time-lapse I assume? I honestly don’t know

The last video?

A GIF with music attached

There’s also another function I’m keen to try, which is the Quick Selfie. What it is, is basically the ability to take selfie whilst the device is folded. All you need to do is either double press the power button then press the volume button or use palm shot to take your selfie.

The cover display will show you a preview of your photo and the features (timer, flash).

The bottom line…

Well, if you’ve come this far, you’ve read all the technical details. What were my impressions of it? I… like it. But I’m not in love with it. The weight itself is comfortable and the size of it as I’m holding is fine. Quite like holding my current Galaxy S9+ to be honest.

But holding it while folded was quite different. It fits in my palm and does feel a little bulky, something that I am not used to.

While folded
The thickness of it

Does it make me want to change my phone to this? To be frank, no. The phone itself and the functions are great but I don’t find myself excited and in love. While the Premier Service is certainly a great addition, the Screen Replacement had me worried that the screen would certainly crack with continued use. I’m not exactly the most gentle person around and the number of times my S9+ has slipped out of my hands attest to that.

Would I recommend it though? Yes, sure! If you’re willing to try something new and different, why not right? The cost, the functions and the look of it is certainly attractive and worth it!

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