Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, despite being decades old, still holds its own as a classic in the horror genre. I’m partial to Jack Nicholson’s portrayal as Jack Torrance (instead of the TV movie) as it’s as creepy today as it was when The Shining was first released.

With Doctor Sleep (The Shining’s sequel) just recently released on BluRay (the 3 hours Director’s Cut is even better than the theatrical version), it’s apt then that the original also gets its time in the spotlight again.

No…The Shining’s not being remade. Perhaps one day, but it’s not this day. This day, we’re getting an operatic version of the book.

…Yes I’m serious.

The Minnesota Opera’s letting everybody listen to their version of Stephen King’s horror story for free via Soundcloud, up until July 5.

Unfortunately, it’s only the music that’s free.

There’s no accompanying visuals so you’ll just have to imagine Danny’s fear, Jack’s craziness and all the other creepy happenings in the Overlook Hotel. The good news is that you’re spared from looking at the naked old lady ghost (ghastly!) from Room 237 that torments poor Danny in the hotel.

To get you in the mood, you might want to download the musical’s libretto first before dimming the lights, lounging back in your favourite chair and putting a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

You also might be interested to know that the Minnesota Opera has other free, audio-only operas planned for the next few months.

Massenet’s THAÏS is already being streamed, while The Fix and The Marriage of Figaro will be coming on June 4 and July 11 respectively. It might not be as scary or creepy as The Shining, but hey, free is free yeah? Might as well give them a listen if you don’t have anything on.

Who knows? You might enjoy them more than you expect!

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