If an email or SMS from an unknown source is offering you a vaccination or treatment that will protect you from the coronavirus, please do not click on it and simply delete it.

Follow the update on World Health Organisation’s website regarding vaccinations and treatments. Vaccinations are still undergoing intense research.

If you have accidentally clicked onto such a link and committed to making payments to buy a “vaccination” or “treatment kit”, please inform the police about this as you may be a victim of cyber theft.

The world has come to a physical stand still from businesses to neighborhoods locking down because of the Wuhan virus outbreak. It is undeniable that the disease has greatly affected the physical movements of everyone around the world. Exports and imports have slowed down too.

A huge number of people have been surfing the internet because there is no other safer route to work through.

Due to this, hackers and other people with malicious intent are using it as a way to make easy cash; by scamming the gullible and ignorant.

A lot of cases have been reported over the last few weeks worldwide. These people are repeatedly being exploited by online scammers and hackers. Hackers have been sending out tempting links to the average user.

Google Search 23 March 2020

Some hackers could steal your information or invade your privacy simply by getting you to click on a link, which then runs a download that could install malware (bad software) onto your computer.” Zee Krstic – Associate Health Editor

Good Housekeeping (GH)

This is why it is absolutely necessary to be vigilant on what are you browsing. There are desperate individuals whom hastily click on links that offer extra help to cope with the coronavirus situation.

Cyber Crooks Continue to Exploit

Instead by clicking on to the link, you end up downloading malware that would give full control to the hackers of your devices. If that happens, they could easily gain access to your passwords and hack into your banks and wipe it out in a second. No one wants to be in that situation right?

This is why, follow these tips:

  • You should always opt for the two-step verification. When you are logging into an account there will be a prompt to insert an OTP. The OTP is then sent to you by SMS or by Email. Yes it is a tedious process. But it will surely keep your accounts safe from being hacked.
  • If you have businesses that are at risk, create a private VPN for the company staff only. This way, everything is within a close circle of people and secure.
  • Check email address to see if it’s legit.
  • If the email claims to be from a well known company, go online and find their support address. Email that address and ask if the email you get is authentic.

You may have anti-virus software installed onto your devices but you should always be cautious. Hover your cursor on links that look suspicious to see what pops up as a description. If the link does not look familiar or credible, then simply do not click on it at all.

Stay alert. Do not give cybercriminals the opportunity to rob you.

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