SMRT has announced that one of its workers suffered an unfortunate fatal accident today, while working in one of its depots.

Technical Officer Muhammad Afiq Bin Senawi (who was stationed at the Bishan Depot, where the accident took place) died on Monday (March 23) after suffering severe injuries.

Mr. Muhammad Afiq was operating a hydraulic press machine when the accident happened in the depot’s Rolling Stock Workshop at about 9.20am. He was sent to the hospital after being given emergency first aid immediately after the accident happened.

“The term rolling stock in the rail transport industry refers to railway vehicles, including both powered and unpowered vehicles, for example locomotivesrailroad carscoachesprivate railroad cars and wagons” as defined in Wikipedia.

He passed away at the hospital at about 11.20am due to the severities of his injuries. SMRT is assisting the Land Transport Authority, the Ministry of Manpower and the police with the investigations on how the accident happened. All similar maintenance works has been suspended while the investigations are ongoing.

In the midst of COVID-19. it’s a sobering reminder that there are still people out there working in the background to keep our essential services running. As much as we give flak to SMRT for its issues, we do also have to give thanks to its army of technical and service staff.

This isn’t the first fatality that’s happened to SMRT staff. In recent years, there was that incident at Pasir Ris that resulted in the loss of two lives, due to a mishap that involved an incoming train.

In that incident, SMRT was found to be in error and was fined $400,000 for its safety breach. There’s been no word yet from the authorities on what was the cause of the accident that sadly claimed a life today.

Our heartfelt condolences goes out to Mr Afiq’s family.

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