Since most of us are stuck at home due to COVID-19, why not make a sneak preview to return to Raccoon City via the Resident Evil 3 demo and Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta?

Yup, the much anticipated Resident Evil 3 demo is now online on every e-store (but not you Nintendo, hush) you can think of!

The demo takes place near the middle of the game looks like, with Mikhail laid out in subway. Wait…subway? Yeah, it seems like the tram ride to the Clock Tower’s (from the original RE3) going to be a subway ride now.

In the demo, Jill’s tasked to head to the power substation (another location from the original RE3) but her way’s blocked by a raging fire. You’re going to have to explore the devastated streets of Raccoon City to find a way to combat that blaze before you can head on over to your target destination.

What entails is a whirlwind tour of some very familiar locations; the nondescript back alleys from RE3. It’s a bit hard to explain if you’ve never played the original, but if you’re a veteran, you’ll right away feel the deja vu…which is awesome!

Of course, Nemesis makes an appearance in the demo…though telling when would obviously spoil the fun. He doesn’t seem to drop anything usable when you temporarily stop him though.

Even better news, unlike the Resident Evil 2 One Shot demo, the demo for Resident Evil 3 has no play limit. You can play as much and as long as you want without some artificial time limit imposing on how you play!

Seems like Capcom’s learned their lesson after the backlash they got for that one shot demo.

Regarding the Resistance Open beta…there’s a bit of a hitch.

There’s not so awesome news for the Resistance beta though; while you can download the client, you can’t access beta yet.

It’ll only go live on March 27 2020, 3AM ET (3PM SGT/GMT +8).

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