In just a few short months, Resident Evil 3 will be the main factor in the sudden spike of underwear shortages.

If Mr X chasing you around in Resident Evil 2 was any indication, Nemesis’ hounding will be even more intense…especially with his tendency to bust through walls like they’re made of paper.

Even the trailer’s kinda scary.

Looks like some of the locations from the original game will be making a return appearance…Looks like the tram is back, as is the hospital.

Hopefully the game still features the multiple endings from the original too!

Only downside is that new Nemesis voice. Pretty cool but it doesn’t have the impact of the original’s snarl/growl. Maybe Capcom will included a hidden option (or DLC) to change that to the original; RE2 certainly did have that option.

If you can’t wait, go back and play Resident Evil 2 in the meantime.

Capcom’s updated their recent remake with a new hidden letter (complete with new achievement!) that ties in that game to the upcoming Nemesis.

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