The fight for the future begins now!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s latest event is the much anticipated Terminator crossover. Teased for months, the event’s finally here for everybody to try out.

Curious, I hopped into the game to get a taste of what’s it like and honestly…while the T-800 battles are fun, they’re also really easy and unimaginative.

If you’re going to give the event a try, you’ll definitely want to block out a few days since that’s the only way you’ll be able to get all of the limited time event items from the Rise of the Machines Live Event Pass.

While the Terminator missions will remain in the game forever (or until Ubisoft shuts down the servers), the Live Event rewards are only available until Feb 7, 4pm (as I write this my screen’s showing 8 Days 3 hours left in the event).

There are 21 tiers for the rewards though you’ll like blaze through them with a few days of doing the missions. You’ll need to do the special event missions to get the XP for the Live Event rewards (three of them are available each day). I was able to go to Tier 10 by doing the three dailies, as well as the intro mission to the event.

The rewards aren’t really that awesome (I’m actually disappointed by how tame they are) but I’m a sucker for limited time goodies. Most of them are just cosmetics (though none make you look like a Terminator), with a few guns and vehicle variations thrown in to pad things out. I was expecting a chaingun at least…but nada.

Combat against the T-800s are fun…until you realize they’re bullet sponges with zero intelligence.

All you need to do is to kite them, shooting at them to whittle their health. Once damaged enough, their core will be exposed and you’ll need to use the special laser rifle you got for the event to destroy them.

This bad boy.

Stay far away (or run around obstacles) and you’ll win without much issue.

In fact, the problem I had most comes from random enemy soldier interference as the weapons used by the Terminator aren’t suppressed. Fighting them AND the T-800 is a pain in the ass, especially since the T800 is relentless in coming for you AND is deadly accurate.

If you can hide for a while, the T-800 will battle whatever enemies it encounters. I’ve seen it fight regular soldiers and even Skell drones while I was observing it from afar.

It’s a neat bit of entertainment but the enemies don’t seem to damage them at all…which made me sad. I’d thought to use cannon fodder to whittle them down and then come swooping in for the kill.

Here’s me shooting against a T-800 with a mounted minigun.

Barring the crappy falling down animation for the Terminator, that does give off an unstoppable killing machine vibe, doesn’t it? A minigun, on full blast, doesn’t even faze it much!

Remember, the event ends next week, so hop in and get killing if you want to get all the limited time rewards!

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