Color me surprised.

Out of literally nowhere, comes the news that the DualShock 4 is getting a new paddle attachment that adds two programmable buttons to the back of the controller.

It’s called the Back Button Attachment.

Weird to see something like this at the tail end of the PS4’s life but hey, why not right?

It plugs right into the port at the bottom of the DualShock 4 (don’t worry, the Back Button attachment has a pass through for a headset/headphone jack) to expand the controller’s functions.

Along with the paddles, there’s also an LED screen at the back that shows you what buttons/profiles are being assigned to the bumpers — great if you need a reminder.

We’ll have a review of it as soon as we get our hands on one.

One has to wonder though; is Sony preparing the masses for adoption of back buttons? The timing is mighty suspicious…so much so that I’m curious on whether the PS5’s controller will have something similar built-in…Time will tell.

The Back Button Attachment releases 23 Jan 2019, for USD$29.99. No word on local pricing or availability yet.

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