If you’ve been keeping an eye on the gaming (and meme) scene for the past few months you’d have noticed a certain goose popping up all over the place.

You might be confused; who is this Goose and what’s the big deal?

Well, the Goose is actually from a game called Untitled Goose Game, where you (as the Goose) generally make everybody’s life in the small town you’ve chosen to terrorize, living hell.

You’ll steal stuff, irritate people to no end…even cause destruction to public property. Yeah, it’s like all the best parts of GTA condensed into a goose.

Now, console gamers will have a chance to taste the game that made PC and Nintendo Switch players the terror of their neighbourhoods as Untitled Goose Game is now on both the PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s definitely good news but it’s even better news if you’re a Game Pass subscriber, as the game’s free for anybody who’s one!

If you’re hankering to annoy the hell out of people, Untitled Goose Game is available now!

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