File this under what comes around goes around.

Colby Covington is the man that you should be jeering if you see him on the street. He’s a huge Trump supporter (I still don’t see how anybody is) and has been talking smack about his opponent, Kamaru Usman, leading up to the match.

It’s not just prematch bravado either.

Colby’s taunted Kamaru, mocked him, made fun of him…he’s pretty much done everything he legally can to Kamaru for no other reason than he thinks he’s a tough guy (Colby, not Kamaru).

Now everybody knows what kind of person Colby is after Kamaru was through with him.

…a person with a broken jaw, that’s what.

Look at that beautiful punch. Square on the jaw.

If this was 1966 Batman there’d be a POW! graphic popping out along with a BISH! sound effect. That punch had 1.21 giga watts of power behind it; Colby’s jaw didn’t need a time machine to be punched to the middle of next week!

The best part?

Colby doesn’t accept the loss, as he’s blaming the referee for it.

I sure hope he gets his rematch, because I wanna see what happens the next time Kamaru gets a punch in.

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