It’s not the vaporware Tekken x Street Fighter from last generation (perhaps one day we’ll still see it) but it might be the next best thing.

After Geese Howard’s foray into the King of Iron Fist tournament, we finally have the Tekken cast barging their way into SNK’s premier fighting game series.

…it’s just too bad it’s on a mobile game.

To be honest though, King of Fighters: AllStar isn’t thaaaaaaaat bad.

It’s actually worthy of the name, KoF. Story mode takes place during the various King of Fighters tournaments (right up to the end of the Orochi saga for now) and there are a TON of characters (a bit too much methinks).

Now there are a couple of Tekken fighters too in the latest crossover event dubbed KoF: AllStar x Tekken 7.

I’ve only got Jin, but I’ve seen Xiaoyu, Paul, Heihachi, Kazuya. Sadly, no Jun or Asuka but since this just Part 1, maybe they’ll come in a future wave.

From what I’ve seen on the game’s splash page the event seems to be ongoing for the next 19 days, which makes December 17 the last day…which gives us all a ton of time to try to nab the Tekken characters.

You can download King of Fighters: AllStar via this link.

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