Come on, who here didn’t see this one coming?

It’s been nearly a decade since Diablo 3 originally came out on May 15, 2012 and the series is more than due a sequel…especially since Diablo III ended with the angels wary of the Seraphim (the player heroes) and their powers.

Well…seems like Blizzard’s been thinking on the same track too.

Diablo IV’s been leaked…from an unlikely source; a German ad for the Art of Diablo book that’s coming in a few weeks.

So far we don’t know ANYTHING else about the game.

At this point, it could very well be a 1-on-1 fighter or FPS shooter. Still, seeing the backlash Blizzard got from Diablo Immortal being a mobile game, you’d have to think that they’d learn from that.

Yeah, who are we kidding, Diablo IV will be a dungeon crawler and we’ll love it just as we do every Diablo game.

Expect to learn more during BlizzCon, happening Nov 1 – 2 2019.

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