I’m pissed.

I’m a fan of Gears of War and its crossover with Terminator Dark Fate (weird as it is) but this is getting ridiculous.

What’s the damn point of having a Terminator crossover if you’re missing the most iconic character?

Yes, we did get Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor (who is kickass in the game by the way) and there IS a T-800 Endoskeleton but as far as an Arnold T-800, we’re all still out of luck.

What we do get instead are Grace and REV-9.

I don’t know who they are (cause I’ve not seen Dark Fate yet) but they’re not free. Getting them costs $19.99 (they’re a bundle).

If you’re too cheap to pull the trigger, Gears 5 is also getting some familar characters with the new update; a COG Soldier, DeeBee, Warden and General Raam (YES!).

These guys can be bought with cash or with Gears 5’s in-game currency.

I’m hoping that this isn’t the end of the Terminator Dark Fate characters, after all…Arnold and Gabriel Luna’s characters are STILL MIA. Hopefully, they’re not cash only though..that would suck.

All the new characters should be in the game by the time you read this.

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