After releasing so many teasers and gameplay footages, Hideo Kojima somehow managed to leave fans wondering what the heck is going on in the Death Stranding game. Yet people still remain fascinated by the game’s bizarre world. Besides that, the game too boasts a cast of big names like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and even Guillermo del Toro.

In a previous article, I described the game as this:
Death Stranding is an action game that takes place in a futuristic open world where the protagonist named Sam (played by Norman Reedus) dies and gets transported to another dimension of sorts. 

While that isn’t wrong, it’s not entirely accurate anymore. Not after the latest game trailer released by PlayStation.

This trailer is by far the most straightforward of the bunch, so allow me to try describing the game again:
Death Stranding is an action stealth game that’s set in an open world where you play the protagonist named Sam Porter Bridges who carries around a baby called a Bridge Baby.

Ah, that’s better! Now we know the game’s main mission, and it’s for you (Sam) to deliver the Bridge Baby across the fractured world while avoiding capture by enemies.

The 1-minute trailer was simple and linear, though we know the game is anything but. We know from past trailers that the game has a very rich narrative with dangerous enemies (Hello scary Mikkelsen zombie!) and huge consequences. So with that prior knowledge, watching this new straightforward trailer gives us a very clear view of what Death Stranding will offer.

It’s like the trailers are all different strands that fans can have fun collecting and putting together to form the big picture of what the game is about. With the release date still a month away, I wonder what new piece of the puzzle Kojima will unveil next. I never knew waiting can be this fun!

Hideo Kojima (second from left) with the band Chvrches (Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry and Martin Doherty)
via Hideo Kojima's Twitter
Hideo Kojima (second from left) with the band Chvrches (Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry and Martin Doherty)
via Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

In the meantime, you can have the official Death Stranding ending song to tide you over. Kojima proudly announced on Twitter that Scottish synth pop band Chvrches created the ending song for the game also called Death Stranding.

According to him, “You can cry just by listening to this song. You’ll find out the true value of my strand with them in the game.”

Here’s a quick look at the chorus:
You can take my heart
And hold it together as we fall apart
Maybe together we can make a mark in the stars we embark
And keep us together as the lights go dark

Oof, this is going to be really emotional, huh? Are you guys ready for that? I don’t think I am! Though not gonna lie, I’ve been listening to the song on repeat while writing this article.

The song will be released together with the rest of the official Death Stranding soundtrack on game release day. But it’s up for streaming now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Or you can listen to “Death Stranding” here:

Death Stranding comes out on PS4 on 8 November 2019.