Not every actor can take on both comedic and serious roles, but Bill Hader can. He’s most well-known for his works in Sunday Night Live (SNL), with his amazing impressions of famous people being his signature. He started out in the film-making industry as a production assistant before moving on to comedy and acting.

He’s also no stranger to going viral on the internet for something. The first time was when he acted as adult Richie Tozier in the recent It film and The Daily Mail released some behind-the-scene photographs which featured him running away scared from Bill Skarsgard who’s in full Pennywise costume.

And now he’s part of a new hilarious meme, though this time it’s from a 2015 SNL sketch where he portrays Alan, a casual entertainment robot human in a box. Hader basically dances inside the transparent box but it’s his goofy expressions and awkward moves that really make the entire thing hilarious.

Somehow, that looks even funnier when Twitter user @billhaderdancin posted a video of edited clips of Hader dancing to Like a G6 by Far East Movement, The Cataracs and DEV. It was first posted on the user’s other account on 18 September, garnering 6.2K retweets and 22.4K likes.

The creator then proceeded to make a separate account for more Hader dancing videos using other songs like Lizzo’s Truth Hurts (1.5K retweets, 5.7K likes), Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams (34.4K retweets, 98.4K likes), Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl (2.1K retweets, 8.3K likes) and even Skarsgard singing Dirty Little Secret as Pennywise (530 retweets, 1.7K likes).

They’re so good! But I think Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy is my personal fave. So far, it has attracted 9.5K retweets and 33.4K likes.

The timing of that “duh” and the amount of sassiness in Hader’s expressions are just perfect:

You can watch the full SNL sketch here (also featuring Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer):