Since its premature leak, fans have been speculating what Project Resistance is about. Some say it could be like Resident Evil Outbreak, an online co-op gaming experience. Whatever it may be, everyone seems pretty excited to know more.

The game by Capcom looks to be set in the same universe as the Resident Evil series. The official gameplay will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show happening this week. But first, they have released the much anticipated teaser trailer for the upcoming Project Resistance game on their official website.

After watching the teaser, it’s still not completely clear about the type of gameplay Project Resistance is. But it hints at a few different things that it probably offers.

Check out the official Project Resistance teaser trailer:

From what I can gather from the teaser, Project Resistance may be using a different way of playing the game. The focus seems to lie on the ‘person behind the controls’ as they flip switches and what not to trap a group of four people barely equipped with weapons in a room and release zombies to attack them. Instead of playing the usual ‘good guy’ character, you could probably be playing the villain as you unleash zombies to do your bidding.

Perhaps the gameplay involves never-before-seen stories of the Umbrella Corp responsible for the outbreak of the various viruses. To me, this would be very interesting as we would get to learn more about the viruses and the people behind them. And perhaps the four people are the player’s involuntary testers to test out the power and strength of new zombie species, like the one shown at the end of the teaser video that resembles very much like Resident Evil 2’s Mr X. Hmm… Sounds like what they’re doing when inviting fans to test the new game. Ooh, how meta! Lol.

Another theory is that you can also control zombies to kill the humans. If you notice that at the end of the teaser, the unseen character puts on these special gloves that activate with red lights, just like how Mr X’s eyes glow red as he looks up. This could mean that you can control Mr X’s movements to interact with the humans without endangering yourself. So in this vein, the game is to ultimately avoid getting captured by the humans. Perhaps there will be many secret rooms throughout the facility where you can run to, if the humans manage to outlast your zombies.

All of that does sound quite similar to the Dead by Daylight game concept where you play the villain while your friends play the humans who either have to work together to defeat you or try to survive until a specific time.

But we can only be sure when Capcom gives more info on Project Resistance, which will be very soon this week at Tokyo Game Show! Along with the first look at the gameplay.