The Sims 4 will be releasing their newest game pack, Realm of Magic, on 10 September 2019. And it’s all about making magical spells and potions while learning to master the art of wizardry.

The pack comes with new clothes, build stuff, forested neighbourhood called Glimmerbrook, and a hidden world that is only accessible by a magic portal.

The hidden enchanted world is currently split into four main areas on floating rocks, due to some vortex that’s slowly breaking everything apart. So the Sages, one for each school of magic, have worked together to hold this shared realm together.

The four main areas include the Magic Headquarters, a garden, a marketplace called Casters Alley and a duelling grounds.

The Magic Headquarters is where you can find other spellcaster Sims and the Sages themselves. If your Sim is not a spellcaster yet, they can become one by talking to a Sage and asking to become one. Alternatively, your Sim can ask other high-level spellcaster Sims in your neighbourhood too.

Similarly, if your Sim no longer wants to be a spellcaster, they can approach a Sage or other high-level spellcasters.

The Magic HQ lot is not removable because the world obviously needs it. But you can add or remove lot items in Build Mode.

According to the Sims 4 producers, your Sims don’t need to travel all the way to the duelling grounds to battle with each other. In fact, they can do it anywhere, even in the other Sims worlds. The location is merely set up for storytelling purposes. Very cool!

Casters Alley is another lively area where your Sims can buy all things magical like brooms, books, wands, familiars and supplies for potions. Remember those crystals your Sims have been collecting? They’ll now come in very handy to make potions.

The shops are built within the crumbling buildings. If you view the area from behind the buildings, you can see floating furniture and stuff. And there are shopkeepers too, they are astral projections of other magic users.

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic is set to release on 10 September 2019 on PC and Mac, and 15 October 2019 on console.

Check out more of game pack in this official livestream replay: