Apple has officially sent out the invitations to select media outlets for the launch of the much-awaited iPhone 11 and its other devices and services. The event will be held on 10 September 2019 at 10am PDT (11 September at 1am SGT), live from the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

Apple is likely to introduce the new iPhone 11 model to replace the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. They could potentially unveil a similar range like last year where one is a more affordable option while the other two are higher-end models in different sizes.

It’s rumoured that the device will have improved cameras, no 3D touch, faster processors and the new iOS 13. I wonder if it would be anything like the leaked iPhone 11 model dummies with a significant camera redesign that we previously talked about.

Another interesting thing is that according to, the official Apple media invite says “By innovation only”. It comes with a colourful Apple logo in five shades we’ve never seen it in before. You can see it on the Apple Events page.

With no other details given, people are already speculating about what the Apple logo colours mean. Some say they might refer to the range of colours for the new iPhone 11. If that’s true, that means maybe no more coral or gold from the iPhone XR and XS respectively. Instead, we might be getting the colours purple and green.

Here’s another theory: they’re five of the six principal colours of the white light spectrum. Red, blue, yellow, green and violet. But it could mean that the logo is referring to the camera. After all the rumours of the iPhone 11 camera redesign, this might be what Apple means with this redesigned logo. Camera improvements could be Apple’s latest innovation.

And why just five colours? Maybe there are five products to launch altogether. Who knows? We’ll have to find out in September.