Night Hunter is a Canadian-American psychological thriller that is scheduled for theatrical release on 6 September this year. Directed and written by David Raymond, the film had actually already premiered at the LA Film Festival last year and was also released as a video on demand by DirecTV in the US. It even had a different name back then, Nomis.

Not sure why they changed it and why it took this long to be shown worldwide but thanks to Saban Films, we get to watch this pretty interesting-looking thriller on this side of the world.

Night Hunter stars Henry Cavill as Lieutenant Aaron Marshall who manages to capture a notorious online predator named Simon Stulls (Brendan Fletcher) before realising that he’s the one behind years of abductions and murders of women.

Here’s the official trailer of Night Hunter:

The story focuses on Marshall’s efforts to stop Stulls’ dangerous game of deadly attacks that seems to continue even after his arrest. With the help of his partner Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) and a judge turned vigilante Michael Cooper (Ben Kingsley), Marshall tries to solve the case by understanding the mind of the killer.

Other big names in the cast include Stanley Tucci as Commissioner Harper, Nathan Fillion as Matthew Quinn and Minka Kelly as Angie.

The movie seems like a thrill to watch, especially when the protagonist has to race against the clock to stop the bad guy. With a cast like that, there’s a big chance that the movie would do well.

Strangely though, there hasn’t been much hype surrounding this movie despite the impressive trailer. Yet I’d give this one a try when it comes out next month as I’m curious to see how the story ends.