Hey wrestling fans! It’s that time of year again when WWE announces their latest video game, WWE 2K20.

The game cover will be revealed next Monday on 5 August with official game footage and information. I wonder who that could be! Thoughts?

Ahead of the cover reveal, fans are treated to a first look at the game with a couple of screenshots featuring two of the WWE champions.

Below are the first looks at Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, and Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley:

So far, the images look very nice and sharp. As you can see from the Lesnar image, the game character is drawn very realistically. This isn’t entirely surprising as WWE has consistently been releasing their video games with high quality imaging.

Check out the comparison with WWE 2K19:

Screenshots of Brock Lesnar from WWE 2K19 (left) and 2K20 (right).
via Xtreme Jobber (YouTube) and WWEgames Twitter

The left side is from WWE 2K19 while the right is the upcoming 2K20. You can see some difference between the two versions but it’s not that much.

If there is to be any major update, the images probably won’t be enough to show that. A video of the gameplay would help us see how the game really looks. Hopefully, we’ll get that soon enough.

WWE 2K is a series of WWE video games developed by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s and published by 2K Sports. The games feature pro wrestling match types and storylines in which players can control their chosen characters (wrestlers).

WWE 2K19 featured AJ Styles on the cover and so far, there hasn’t been any news about who will appear on the cover of the new upcoming game.

They also have yet to announce the full WWE 2K20 roster or anything else really, so we’ll have to wait till Monday!